Foundation and oily skin?


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Hi everyone, I always use moisturizer and sunscreen before my foundation, but for the past two days I haven't and let me tell you, my foundation looks freakin' great. I didn't even set it with powder.
buut... Why?!

My skin is always oily when I use lotion + sunscreen and I can even use primer and it won't make such a big difference. I always allow around 5 mins for them to dry and I make sure to only use a tiny amount of both. I even set my make up with powder at least two times and yet I still get oily! I know its not my foundation or powder because I've tried oh so many and I always get oily.
I can do without moisturizer, but not without sunscreen. help!


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I hear ya.. I used to have the same problem...

If your willing to add another step in your routine you should try a mattifying primer, it really really takes the shine and oil away. I use it after i apply my sunscreen and moisturizer. MAC's oil control lotion also helps keep the oilies at bay. I cant live without either of this stuff

Mattifying primers
UD de-slick
Mac's matte

I hope this helps!


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Try Neutrogena Sheer Sunblock, skip the other lotion, and Revlon ColorStay foundation. I have oily skin, and this works for me.


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Hey about using a foundation that has SPF in it? If the spf isnt high enough for you, then switch sunscreens. Sunscreens are very oily and are going to make you look oily. However, I know of a good, thin one that works wonders. it's made by Clarins and it's called UV plus day screen. It's I think 40 spf and like i said, goes on super thin and not oily at ALL. It's a tad pricy ( roughly $40) but honestly it'll last you about 4 months. You only need a drop of the stuff and it spreads really easy. You can find it at sephora, dillards, macy's, nordy's

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