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While I was waiting to get my hair cut, I was reading a magazine that had a Mac spread and in it the MUA said that if you wear bangs, you shouldn't put foundation on your forehead, just on the other parts of the face. It makes sense to me, but I'd never thought about it before. So this leads to the question - Do any of you follow this practice?


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When I had bangs I never wore foundation on the covered part of my forehead .
That's usually how you breakout on your forehead .
But then again I didn't have much acne back then .


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I don't follow that practice because if I'm walking outside and it's windy, my fringe very often ends up off of my forehead and I'd feel a bit paranoid about having a perfectly made up lower face and a red, spotty forhead!

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I wear foundation on my entire face. I like medium coverage so my skin on my forehead wouldn't match the rest of me.


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I have a fairly thick fringe so I dont bother with foundation on my forehead.

My fringe rarely moves so I dont really have to worry about it...


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I always foundation my forehead. Because when I don't, there's usually a very big storm coming or lots of wind outside, and then I look kind of half done! Lol!

As long as you use the moisturizer, and then prep n prime and then foundation your skin shouldn't be too bad...Mines definitely improved since using that!


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I wear a little foundation under my bangs but I don't bother too much.
It feels weird having "perfect" skin on my whole face but my forhead - even though my bangs are pretty thick xD


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I do a very light application, maybe a slight dusting of powder, because 1) people probably will never see my forehead, and 2) it's relatively blemish-free so I don't feel the need to use foundation where it's not needed.


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Personally, I don't agree with that. Yes, foundation is supposed to be the same colour as your skin and blend, but missing your whole forehead could be obvious. Even if someone has full bangs or always wears them down, they occasionally sweep to the side and as someone mentioned, there is always the wind.

Sometimes, I just think some makeup artists try to give unheard of advice to magazines so they seem uber creative.

I have never had an issue with breakouts/makeup and bangs. The only issue I have is when it gets super hot and humid out. Then my makeup can mix with humidity and sweat and transfer to my bangs. When that happens, I just apply Blot Powder to my forehead and my bangs (it works just like the dry shampoos currrently flooding the market).

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