Foundation help


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Hi everyone.

Im having some issues with my foundation (MAC Select SPF in NW20).

Its going on quite cakey, wich I guess could mean I need a new bottle, but Im not even 1/2 way through this one. And it looks to be too dark.
When I apply it it makes me look really tanned.

2 weeks ago I bought myself the select sheer pressed powder in NW20 and have been using it every day, dusted over to set my foundation or alone depending on my mood, the weather and my skin.
When I first got it the colour was perfect, now Im having the same problem, it makes me look tan.

I guess its possible I did have a tan when I bought the powder and also a few months ago when I bought the foundation, but that brings me to my dilema.

Summer is coming up, and even though I wear a ton of sunscreen I may tan a little - but not this much! So do I go for a lighter shade? Or do I go for the NC20, which looks to be a little lighter to my eye but about the right colour depth.
My skin is weird, I have sensative skin so my face is always a little pink, but I actually have very fair olive skin. So should I match my foundation to the pink in my face, or the olive in the rest of my skin?

Also, the cakey factor. The select SPF looks cakey and heavy even without powder, and its not a look I like. Would the face and body foundation work well for me? I have combo skin with it being slightly oily AND dry through my t-zone (damn skin sensativity = dryness). Or would I be better off with the select tint and using a powder to set?

I know its all really subjective, but I guess Im looking for some advice based on what all of you have experienced.

So would you all suggest I go for...
Select spf and mix it with moistureiser to cut down on the cakey factor?
Select tint used with the sheer pressed powder?

Sorry for the length of my post, and if it seems a little jumbled up.


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I'm not really an expert on foundation at all and I have major problems just like what you are saying too. My skin is also sensitive, gets dry flakey patches but is also oily underneath. I also have light olive (well yellow sickly looking) skin but can have pink cheeks and nose due to the sensitivity. I use the nc25 in select spf and find it a good match, although as we are just coming out of summer here my skin is slightly tanned still but i know i will need to change to a nc20 soon.

I actually find the select quite a sheer coverage, but i can build it to a medium coverage. I do find it can cake up a little by the end of the day though but i think thats just my skin rather than the foundation.

How do you apply the select? I find if i use anything other than a foundation brush it just goes on too cakey and doesn't look natural. I usually moisturise really well, let my moisturiser sink in for 10 mins, then i use smashbox photofinish primer which i let soak in for 10 mins, then i apply to light layers of select letting each one dry inbetween for a couple of minutes. I usually find this gives a medium coverage with out looking cakey.

I also have the selct tint in nc20 and use that for non-make up type days as i find it really does nothing other than give my skin a bit of radiance rather than any foundation effect at all.

I am actually thinking of trying one of the other foundations from MAC when i get my winter one like studio fix fluid or studio tech as i actually want a bit more coverage than the select is giving me.