Foundation Problems!


I have moderate acne so I use the real thick CG Aquasmooth foundation. I thought I was a creamy natural but in the car mirror it looks a little too pink for me. So I tried natural ivory (a lighter color) and it seems a little too white for me. and in pictures it makes me look ghostly!

Beware.. this is the worst picture of me and my makeup. (I'm on the right)

Yet, sometimes it looks barely noticable...

Well I guess my point is... this makeup isn't cutting it. It covers OKAY I guess.. but always wears off a little bit... and the color isn't cutting it either...I guess you get what you pay for? I need some foundation recomendations... and if its online... what color do you think i would be?

//edit: pic sizes exceed limits


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Hmm, it's hard to pick a foundation for someone! There are so many types, brands... Maybe take a look at the reviews forums and see what other people have liked? Then, see if you can get samples from your local counters to try it out. Most have samples or let you return product if the colour is wrong.

I suffer from some acne too, and I found it best to focus my efforts on controlling it instead of searching for the perfect foundation. But for when stress and life happen, I usually go with Clarins True Comfort. It's pretty sheer so it is more forgiving that the match is not pefect. You look like an 01 or an 03 to me. I haven't found it to bother my breakouts either! Thank goodness!



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for drugstore brands, which i don't wear often, yet still buy all the time, lol, i'd say go for l'oreal cashmere perfect, maybelline dream matte mousse, or cover girl trueblend liquid. all three give pretty decent coverage at a pretty decent price.

my favorite foundations are mac foundations, particularly studio fix fluid, studio tech, and hyper real. for these, the best bet is to go to a counter or mac store and get matched to your shade by a makeup artist. its good to even get a sample sometimes, because foundation wears differently on every individual, and different light settings can really affect how you feel a shade looks on your skin. i find that sometimes my foundation looks a little off in my car as well, purely because my tinted windows and safety glass alter the sunlight at some angles. also, i've found its easier to darken foundation thats too light, by applying powder or bronzer, than it is to lighten foundation that looks too dark. goo dluck finding your shade!

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