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So bascially I have started my own makeup services company.

One avenue that I would like to take to reach potential customers and get my name out there is by having my business cards available at some of the hair salons here in LA with a small portfolio/ a single page of some of my work.

My initial plan is to call the salons and ask them could I come in so they could see my work and if it was ok to place some of my cards there for their customers who may need my services.

However, I feel that this may not be appropriate. Wouldn't they be more willingly to promote my services if they received something in return? What should I offer them? or What other route should I take to promote myself?




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Maybe an offer a free makeover for all the salon employees. I would also take an ad out in the yellow pages. Just something small to start off with to see how it goes.
you could also see if the salons would allow you to put out something where people can enter a contest to win a free makeover and consulation with you and include one small makeup item. When they sign up for contest have an area where they can put their name and phone #. This can allow you to send flyers around special times when people are more likely to get their m/u done IE popular wedding months and prom time etc.... What is great is you would be sending flyers to people who have an intrest in makeup since they would have filled out the info for the contest. I would also do a small heading that let's them know they will be added to a mailing list.

You can also network with stylist. Many of times people will use their own stylist for their wedding and other special events. If you get in good with the stylist many times they will encourgage the client to use you for their makeup.
I know one stylist that will just bring along the makup artist "just incase" and most times they just go again and use the MUA.


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I was thinking, to have an hour where I would go to the salon and do everyones makeup for free, just so the salon could see how well I do make up. But than I felt that was selling myself short. Like NO my skills are worth somethng and you can see that from the work I do with other artist look at my portfolio.

Well, this Christmas vacation (yea I am in school) I will get in alot of practice with all age ranges of people, because I am going home. I know I need more confidence working with older people, because I have never put make up on them except my mom and I had a couple mishaps with her lol. Like frost colors really aren't going to work. lol


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