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So I figured that due to my boredom, I'd post pics of my ever-growing collection. It's a lot of different brands, still some drugstore stuff in there, and I'm missing a few of my pieces. Nothing really extraordinary though. Figure I might sometime get around to my perfumes and nail polishes...someday. If anybody has any questions about what something is, post it.

Now to the stash!



Face Stuff


Pigments and Glitters

Lip Stuff






I had to shoot most of it on my bed and the Contrast shadow left nice marks all over my sheets...grr.

Update as of 27 July 2008!


Lancome Colour Design Fashion Queen palette. I forgot to mark the image, but the shadows are Fabric, Pose, Lounging, Jet Set Pink, Wear It Well, and Guest List. The blushes are Amourose and Mocha Havana.

And by request, the polishes. I was too lazy to mark them but here's the list of them. They are all Essie or OPI except for two of them. Essie are white caps, OPI are black. Facile, non?


Row 1: China Doll, Holy Pink Pagoda!, Tijuana Dance?, Purpleopolis, Funships, UTM Goldie shade, Friar Friar Pants on Fire!, Magnifico Mexico!, Goldilocks Rocks!, Avon Metallic Rose.
Row 2: Pompeii Purple, Click It or Ticket, Scarlett O'Hara, Ritzy Business Jam 'n Jelly, Sunbody Loves Me, Bordeaux, Smokin' in Havana, Merry Merry.
Row 3: Carnival, Juicy Apple, Lunch at the Delhi, Wrapped in Rubies, Who's She Red, Showstopper, OPI topcoat, Pink Glove Service, Wicked

If you are wondering how I store it, I have two traincases. I use a Caboodles plastic case for my lip products (that I got at a garage sale when I was 8 originally to hold craft stuff), and then for my eyes and face I use a black lace Caboodles case. Also I carry a decent amount with me. My lip backups go in a separate cosmetic bag.


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Nice! Do you like the Wexler lip plumpers? I have a product from her that smooths lips and lines that was $20.00 at b&bw.. It is the BEST! SOOO SOFT!


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I love that bigelow lipgloss from BBW. its so soothing, i have the pink tinted one. Ps. back2MAC those pots missy. free stuff.

im lovin your collection btw, ;D


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Originally Posted by Brittni
Nice! Do you like the Wexler lip plumpers? I have a product from her that smooths lips and lines that was $20.00 at b&bw.. It is the BEST! SOOO SOFT!

I LOVE the Wexler plumpers-I had never used a lip plumper prior to my onboarding at B&BW and well, let me just say I am obsessed. I probably have more backups somewhere too.

I don't depot, I am a huge klutz, I love my shadows in the pan form believe it or not...and most places don't take the depotted empties. Better safe than sorry.

Yes, I am a gloss addict, and the ironic thing is that I don't use most of my Bigelow, Beauty Rush, Liplicious most of the time anymore-it's just the more casual thing for me to do, or when I am down at the beach. Obviously I love my Liplicious Diamond Plum and my Bigelow Root Beer-the Soda Fountain ones came out right before I started at B&BW.

And yes, that is a Pink Grapefruit EDT that snuck its way into the first pic.


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For me it is all about the range of shadows as for my eyes I can pretty much pull off anything (except black, but I can work on that), so that is where I tend to put my money. The big box that has the shadow is the UD Deluxe Shadow Box, if you are wondering. It's $36 USD, and worth every penny.


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I love your shadows collection!! Especially the UDs! And you defiantely have to add your polishes to the collection! I've been such a polish freak lately that I need some polish porn! lol Thanks for sharing!


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I'll do the polishes early next week. I'm missing a few but you won't be disappointed. That and my perfumes.


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I updated it with more stuff, including the polishes now. Yes, I finally NOW got around to doing them.


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Very nice, I too adore the glosses, right now I'm loving liplicious brown sugar! Love your shadows, you've got some very versatile colors!