GAGA w/ Electric Fuchsia; my b-day lips.


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so i was playing around with some of my new stuff and i wanted to wear GAGA so bad. so i figured why not wear it to my b day party on friday. so i tried it out just to see how it would look! let me know what you think!

p.s this is just a rough draft lol, i'll clean it up later lol.

Currant lip liner, GAGA in the middle blended and then of course the beautiful eletric fuchsia ughhh soooo gorgeous! i will def get a back up of this!



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Ooh those lips look great, I've been lemming Currant l/l for a while now.. Electric fuschia tops everything off perfectly, too bad the sparkles didn't show up better!


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This is making me think I can actually pull GAGA off. I wonder how it would look with funtabulous dazzleglass.... *wanders off*