Gel Nails at Home?


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I started getting my nails done again a few months ago, and I LOVE my gels. Not loving the prices, though. These things are amazing ... and amazingly expensive on my college student budget lol.

I've been looking into doing them myself at home.
Does anyone else do this? What do you use? Where did you get it?
Experiences, thoughts, etc?

Thanks, guys!


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I've been getting them done too but really don't want to spend the money or time with it so I cut them down short, filed them, and now I cannot even soak them off!
I guess I have to let them grow out. I'm using dark polish to cover them up. MAC Rain of Flowers is on now

Anyhoo, you can go to They have the gel nails I was getting by OPI called Axxium. I believe they have starter kits on there. Good luck!

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