GENERAL FAQ: Cosmetic Company Outlets/Stores (CCO/CCS)


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Originally Posted by gdsepu
Does anyone know how often CCO's get new shipments in?


it might depend on location, but my cco said they get shipments usually the 3rd or 4th week of the month


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Is anybody willing to send me mac items from the CCO?

The products are for myself and own use

Please contact me by sending me a PM


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Originally Posted by tinagrzela
Are there any CCO's in Canada, specifically Ontario ???

I was just checking this the other day, I am moving to south western ontario in a few weeks, and the closest CCO is in Birch Run, MI. But the good news is that it has 122 stores there, so you could definitly go and make a day of it and get all your shopping done!


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Originally Posted by blowyourmind
it might depend on location, but my cco said they get shipments usually the 3rd or 4th week of the month

Depends on the actual location of the store and NY.


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Please tell me somebody has been to the CCO in Leesburg or even the outlets in Williamsburg VA..I looked at the sites and I don't see MAC listed and I'm hoping that somebody who has been there can tell me for sure...All replies are appreciated...Thanks


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Originally Posted by BloodMittens
I just randomly found one of these stores in Chicago. I can't wait till I get money to go

where!?! I've usually hauled up to aurora!!!


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I'm actually close to Chicago and I was wondering where the CCOs were and what exactly am I looking for because I am confused here..


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Hi, I'm a little confused with the website and how to use it (just found this page) does anyone know if there is a CCO near columbus ohio?


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I am tempted to take a train to the Bicester Village CCO here in UK, is it really cheaper than the actual store? Pardon my ignorance never been to a single CCO i just know they carry discontinued items sometimes.


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A new Cosmetics Company Store is opening at the new Halton Hills Premium Outlet Mall on August 1 in southern Ontario. The address is 13850 Steeles Ave. W. Halton Hills, ON L7G 0J1 Depending on where you're travelling from, take Hwy 401 to Trafalgar Rd. exit and turn right (north) and the first major intersection is Steeles. You can see the mall from the 401 but the entrance/exit appears to be off of Steeles. This mall is about 25min driving time (depending on traffic) from where I am located in north Toronto. Hope this is pleasant news for MAC and other E/L brand aficionados! Here's a link to the other stores slated to open up in this location:

Taren Kamilah

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Quote:Originally Posted by Juneplum

What is a CCO?

CCO stands for Cosmetics Company Outlet.

What products do they carry?

CCO's sell Estee Lauder owned companies cosmetics, usually for 30% off the retail price. This includes discontinued items as well as some current ones. They do not have sales and they also impose a limit of 3 of the same product. Some of the brands include:

  • MAC
    Estee Lauder
    Bobbi Brown

Where can I find a CCO near me?

You can go to to look for the closest outlet near you. In the "locate-a-store" field, put the name Cosmetics Company or Estee Lauder, and you will get a listing of all the CCO's. Some CCO's are inside outlet stores such as Saks off 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and Nordstrom Rack/ Last Chance. Others are free standing CCO's.

Thanks for the link!! :eek:)


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Closest one to me is In Vacaville in The Outlet Mall. The ladies are rude and it is a hit & miss on products.

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