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Agreed! Having collaborated with UD and being a Revlon spokesperson...I guess she feels the need to get her own piece of the makeup pie.
Not interested...
Yup. The market is just so saturated with "influencers" and celebrities that the timing is terrible. I do feel out of everyone pushing their own brands, she would have been someone that would have made more sense and people would have cared about....10 yrs ago. :p

Dolly Snow

Available NOW @ultabeauty ❤
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@urbandecaycosmetics Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette $39

I found this palette to have the same formula as their blushes & highlighters. Soft to the touch & a bit powdery (some kick up with a brush). Blendable & easy to wear. Personally, I love the ud formula, so this palette was a breeze to use. I did however notice some similarities between this palette & the ud gwen blush palette.

I didn't notice any fading or patchiness during/after the wear test. Wore for 6 hours before removing.
Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free (for the record)

☄Kiss Off (soft rose-pink)
☄Score (medium pink-peach with a touch of shimmer)
☄Paranoid (medium bronze with gold shimmer)
☄PSA (bronzy rose-gold)
☄Spotlight (light peach with gold shimmer)
☄Sin (pale nude shimmer w/ gold shift)

Thank you to @ Urban Decay Cosmetics, we truly appreciate your kindness & generosity ❤


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I went to Ulta today and they had a big UD event going on. I bought the new Beached eyeshadow palette. It is SO pretty! I can’t wait to wear it all summer. Every shade is just magnificent lol.


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Born To Run ~ Summer 18 ~ TBA
LE $49.00


Urban-Decay-Born-to-Run-Palette-Swatches-2018.jpg Urban-Decay-Born-to-Run-Palette-Swatches.jpg

Breakaway – warm ivory shimmer
Stranded – pale rose gold with tonal micro-shimmer
Blaze – light metallic peach with pink shift
Weekender – light neutral beige matte
Still Shot – bright peach
Riff – brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle
Good as Gone – deep brown with iridescent micro-shimmer
Hell Ride – deep fuchsia matte
Baja – burnt orange matte
Accelerate – reddish copper metallic
Guilt Trip – smoky purple shimmerIgnite – rose gold metallic
Smog – deep copper bronze shimmer
Wanderlust – forest green with gold micro-shimmer
Wildheart – bright fuchsia
Punk – red-brown matte
Double Life – metallic rust
Jet – black withd eep shimmering purple shift
Drift – charcoal satin with tonal micro-sparkle
Radio – deep emerald satin
Big Sky – frosted green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle

My heart always give a little skip when Urban Decay has newness...but then I find myself slightly disappointed.
This reminds me of a combination of the ND palettes. Sigh...this will be a skip.


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Fur4elise, I agree it looks like UD picked colors from previous palette put them in a new palette and viola! Summer 18!


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Born To Run Lippies and Eyeliners ~ June 19th

summer-2018_urban-decay-born-to-run-2_002_promo.jpg summer-2018_urban-decay-born-to-run-2_001_promo.jpg

summer-2018_urban-decay-born-to-run-2_004_promo.jpg summer-2018_urban-decay-born-to-run-2_003_promo.jpg

I could go for the Ready lipstick and the Double Life eyeliner. I am a longtime fan of the 24/7 pencils.

(images from temptalia)


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Born To Run on thehappysloths :)


She did not have a swatch of the 24/7 pencil Double Life (a deep reddish brown). I think that is the only thing I will pick up from this release. ;)


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I had no interest in the Born to Run palette but the 20% Ulta coupon and good reviews changes my mind. The few colors I swatched, mostly shimmers, were very creamy.

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