Getting brave...


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Sooo...another quickie look I did last night while the little guy was sleeping...with this one, though, I wanted to challenge myself, so I did this whole thing (aside from the liner...that was a pencil...hehe) with my 242 brush...I'm sure blending would've been much better with something else, but I think I did all right with it...also, sorry for the lack of a closed-eye pic...apparently I forgot to e-mail it to myself...

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Apparently that ^^ is a thumbnail, and therefore clickable...which I didn't realize at you lovely ladies and gents don't have to strain your beautiful eyes to see it...anyway...let's see, for this I used Tilt, Submarine, Deep Truth, Contrast, Crystal Avalanche, Brun (brows), Prussian liner, and Fiber Riche mascara.

CC is always welcome...thanks ladies and gents.