Getting "bribed" with Makeup lol

glammy girl

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Hey guys! So I would like to know if you and your significant other, so to say "swap" or "bribe" each other and let them do what they like to do, on condition, you get makeup in return? :eyelove: in my case, my husband is part of a cars forum and every month or so, they have a midnight run to just drive and show off their cars (yip I don't get it either :shock: ) lol. So whenever he wants to go on a run, he buys me whatever I want from Mac for that month :bigstar: Two weeks ago, I found out that Benefit was leaving South Africa :( :( :( so I stocked up good on all my goodies while my husband went last Friday to his run. In this way, we both get what we love which equals a happy marriage :bouquet: Anyone share a similar scenario? :)