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i think its something like how many there are in a pack For Example: the set contains 4 vials, then divide by the cost you paid for the set so 25 divided by 4 would be $6.25 per vial.

i thinkl that how it is done lol


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i would pay 8 dollars per vial. + you have to consider the age and avilability of the product so you might add some extra $$ for that and if its a rare or discontinued color then add more $$ to it.


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It depends on which vials you are talking about. For example, the more recent vials from Tartan Tale, Reflects Gold, Transparent Teal etc. would be worth roughly $5-$7 apiece. But if you have any of the older, rarer vials (such as Gold Garnish/Purplette), the value increases. I have only ever seen Gold Garnish and Purplette in a sale once, last year, and they were EACH priced at $30. Which is a little steep but not totally unreasonable, as they are VERY hard to find and came out in 2003, I believe. Also, if you have any of the original Glitter Petites from 2000-2001, those would go for a little more too, but probably not as much as the really rare vials because they are smaller. Those are extremely hard to find, too. If you need any help pricing any of your vials, shoot me a PM! I'm a collector with nearly every vial MAC has ever made and would be happy to help. ;)

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