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Glittery Bronzing Body Balm


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I was thinking about my cocoa butter and how much I love it, and also how I love shimmery things, so I thought, HEY WHY DONT I TRY TO MAKE A BRONZING COCOA BUTTER AND MAKE A TUTORIAL!

First of all, I started with this...


MAC Cocoa Beach Pigment
MAC Naked Pigment
MAC Goldrift Glitter
Small Sample Size Jar of Palmer's Cocoa Butter (find it in the travel size isle of the supermarket or ask me to send you some)

I microwaved, microwaved and microwaved the cocoa butter. IT DID NOT MELT. I seriously melted the sucker for 4 minutes, I thought the container was going to pulverize right there in the microwave, so I gave up.

SCRATCH THAT. Start here.

First of all, you need a LUSH store. Buy the ingredients listed below:
(I had them from previous binge shopping at LUSH)
Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar
Soft Coeur Massage Bar (heaven in itself already)

Other things you will need:

A pairing knife
Your now EMPTIED Palmer's Cocoa Butter container (or other small closeable microwaveable plastic jar)
MAC Cocoa Beach Pigment
MAC Naked Pigment
1 small bowl
1 larger bowl


First of all, cut a nice little corner off of the Shimmy Shimmy, cut it in half, and place it in the empty container. Dig ALL of the chocolate out of your Soft Coeur (or cut off the parts that have NO chocolate in them)... cut them smaller, and put them in the container with the shimmy shimmy. Like this:

You will also notice that I did not do a fantabulous job of removing my chocolate, which I had to dig out later when it was liquified.


Set your cocoa butter container in the smaller bowl and fill with water to just below the edge.

Sit in microwave and cover with larger bowl (note: do not spend 4 hours of overtime at work on a saturday filing charts or you will have nasty papercuts like me
) (2nd note: if stepdad happens to walk into kitchen while you are taking pictures of microwave he WILL laugh at you!!)

CAREFULLY WITH POTHOLDERS remove from microwave. It will not be entirely melted. (flick out the chocolate at this point if you didn't get it all out)

Just keep mixing. See the chunks?

If you keep mixing, it will become entirely liquid.

Add the Cocoa Beach Pigment. Seriously add a lot. I would say like 1/4 teaspoon or more? I don't know. I wasn't measuring, but it didn't end up being as bronzy as I would have liked, in the end.

Mix well again. It will turn a beautiful brown glitter color. You might think it's too brown, but I don't think it is. Think about capacity here. Add more.

Add some Naked pigment. (I don't even know if this is necessary. I just like the shimmer that Naked has. You can skip it if you want to)

Place in your freezer next to your coveted LUSH face masks and Edy's Ice Cream (BAD NIKKI!) and let cool.

TA-DA the finished product. This is why I think you should add extra Cocoa Beach. I'm going to melt mine in the microwave again and add more, but here's what this exact mixture looked like. I know it's not very pretty and kind of muddy looking in the jar, but that's just because of the cocoa butter formulas in the Soft Coeur and Shimmy Shimmy. When it melts, it becomes very radiant and clear.

This tutorial DARINGLY brought to you by Nikki, your resident Pimptress!


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Great tutorial, I saw something like this on the Lush forum too. If you ever do this again, you should do Mange Too with Love Bug for a great smelling, and golden glow body butter!


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Originally Posted by Hikaru-chan
Great tutorial but I would die if I used that much Coco Beach in one go.

lmao- that's exactly what I was thinking! I would faint.

but AWESOME tutorial! If I could find a dupe for the Cocoa Beach, then I would definitely do this. Thanks for sharing! I'm such a sucker for making my own lotions/lip balms/etc.

(and you are so cute & funny! I loved reading this)


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I dont think i could ever feel sane emptying so much MAC pigment into making something that i would probably screw up,but your good at this

Could you please post a pic of how it looks on your skin,before and after if possible.


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Didn't the glitter of the Shimmy and the Pigments sink down while it was in the freezer?


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Cool! I recall reading something in In Style about Beyonce's makeup artist making a body bronzer for her out of half a BB Shimmerbrick crushed and mixed with body oil!

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