Glittery New Year's Eve FOTD...because I never post anymore.


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Since I never do my makeup anymore, I decided to be festive and do sparkly makeup for New Year's Eve even though I didn't do anything haha.


I realized that I haven't colored my hair for like 8 or 9 months. The first 6+ inches of my hair are my natural color. Crazy. Good thing I always wear it up, because that color line would be pretty tacky if I wore it down lol. I need to make an appointment to get it done. But yeah, anyway...

This picture is kinda drag queenish looking, but whatever.

And the good old stupid kissy face.

I used way more stuff than it looks like...I guess I didn't realize the glitter would just kinda cover everything, haha. I could have just used Teal, Carbon, and a highlight and it would have looked exactly the same. Oh well.

Blackground paint pot
Carbon e/s
Teal pigment
Parrot e/s...I could have just this or Teal instead of both, but whatever.
Print e/s
Phloof! e/s
MUFE Diamond shadow
Brun e/s on brows
Reflects Transparent Teal glitter
Feline e/l
Diorshow Blackout mascara
Taylormaid lashes #747L

Smashbox Photo Finish primer
MUFE HD foundation #117
Studio Finish concealer in NC20 and NW20
Studio Fix in N3. I would have used only the HD powder, but I needed coverage.
Strada blush
Shy Beauty beauty powder blush

Whirl l/l
Angel l/s
Studio Finish NW20 concealer because my lips were too red from exfoliating them in a huge hurry lol. I only used a tiny bit though.
Fine China l/g

A few people on LJ said that the sculpt and shape powders make them break out, and I have come to realize that I think they make me break out too, so I went back to using Strada. Gladiola lipstick a MUST HAVE or no? I'm drawn to it, but I haven't seen it in person and I don't know if I NEED it. I'm kinda leaning toward yes on that though.


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You look fabulous....Love this HOT

Nothing from the DE is a must have IMO ...But what do I know...yes I have Gladiola...and it's not so special from all the others Up the Amp, GAT ....they are all starting to look the same to me


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Thank you!

That's good to know about Gladiola. That's the only thing that even semi-stood out from that collection for me.


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i know what u mean, i always use more shadows than i really need but oh well.. i love the result tho!!! you look gorgeous!!

oh, and the lashes are amazing!!


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Super pretty and the glitter looks so perfect for New Years! Loves it and those lashes are the bomb!

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