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Go Fish...my first tutorial:)


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Go Fish

This is my first tutorial post so bare with me


NC45 Studio Stick, MAC's Dark Blot Powder

Blush: MAC's Rule e/s, LA Colors Bronze glow Bronzer

Brows: MAC's Mystery e/s & MAC's Studio Touch Up Stick Concealer in NC45 Dreamaker(Highlight)

Eyes: Primary Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Rule, Fab & Flashy, Juiced, Orange Tangent, NYX Electric Blue, NYX Orange Chrome Shadow, Electric Eel

Fish: Primary Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Rule, Fire Spot, Fab & Flashy, Juiced, Orange Tangent, NYX Orange Chrome Shadow, Imani mixed metals e/s, Clear Sky Blue pig, Gold pig, Orange glitter, Gold Glitter, Bright Sunshine, NK White Liquid Liner, Color Plus l/l in Wooden, Jordana Bashful Blue e/l, NYX Orange l/l, NYX Yellow e/l, White Pigment, Sossi Lashes

Lips: NYX orange l/l, NYX Coral l/l, NK Vibrant Orange l/s, Jordana Mandarin Glaze l/g


I already applied MAC Studio Stick Foundation, MAC Blot Powder in Dark and UDPP. I did my eyebrows with MAC’s Mystery e/s. Add LA Colors Bronze Glow Bronzer and Rule e/s as blush. I then drew the outline for each goldfish with NYX Yellow e/l and applied black and crystal rhinestone for the eyes.


Apply MAC's Chrome Yellow e/s from the inner corner to the middle of the lid. I also applied Primary Yellow Pigment on top of the Chrome Yellow. Next apply Juiced and Orange Tangent e/s’s to the middle of the lid. Blend them into the Yellow shadows. Then I apply a mix of Fab & Flashy, Fire Spot and Rule e/s’s to the outer corner of the lid. Blend, Blend, Blend


Apply NYX Electric Blue to waterline w/ MAC’s Electric Eel on top. I added orange rhinestones to the inner corner of my eyes. Mix NYX Chrome Shadow in Orange with mixing medium and line top lash line. Appy Chrome Yellow, Rule and Orange e/s to the bottom lash line.


Begin to fill in the first goldfish with NYX orange l/l, Orange e/s, Rule e/s, Chrome Yellow and Primary Yellow Pigment.


Begin adding the lighter e/s colors (Bright Sunshine, Juiced, and White Pigment) to the tips of the fish’s fins

Repeat on second fish

Add fish scales w/ NK White liquid liner

Create bubbles w/ Jordana Bashful Blue e/l, NYX satin Blue e/l, MAC Clear Sky Blue pigment, and NK White liquid liner.
Line lips w/ NYX Orange l/l, fill w/ NYX Coral l/l,
Apply NK Vibrant Orange l/s, and Jordana Mandarin Glaze l/g on top

Apply rhinestones

The finished look!




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I can't even draw a fish on paper and you can do it on your face!!! You got mad skills!!


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Holy moly! This is amazing! I especially love those orange lips! Was this for any sort of special occasion/reason?

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