Going to be in a pool and need to look fab!


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If you're going to be in a pool why not wear a cute ponytail with a pouf? You can get in the pool and as long as you don't submerge your head in the water, your hair will stay pretty all day/night! PurseBuzz has good tutorials on cute ponys to do and how to do a full-proof pouf. And whatever your natural hair texture is (straight, curly wavy), go with that.. You don't want to look too "done" at a pool party.. It's summer!!

For makeup, I'd mix your ColorStay with a light moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer to make a lighter finish :]. Next, I like YSL Everlong Waterproof Mascara. It gives a full, but natural, look. It gives mostly length and definition but provides a bit of volume and is extremely waterproof. CoverGirl Lash Blast in the waterproof version is a cheaper alternative to this but provides less length and more volume (in my opinion). I'd just wear some bronzer (BE Warmth), with a cream blush (Stila Color Convertibles), lip stain (Benefit Benetint) topped with lip gloss (MAC Lipglass), and some highlighter (Benefit High Beam)!


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To those who are troubled by wearing make up to the pool, I'm not saying I'm going to be fully done up with a full face of make up.

Like the others have said, there are just some things I want to cover. All I was thinking was liner/mascara and foundation.

Thank you to everyone who understands my reasoning.


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i only lounge in a pool so i dont even worry about my makeup(i dont wear much though). it stays on. im not a swimmer.even at the beach i dont go under.

just dont swim if u wanna look good. lol lounge like me. haha


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^^ I agree. If you plan on wearing any kind of foundation, don't put your head underwater.

I would recommend a decent waterproof concealer & a tinted moisturizer with SPF for your face. A long wearing lipstain, like from Stila, would be great for your lips - just keep reapplying chapstick with SPF. I use Maybelline's Define a Lash waterproof mascara or CG's Lashbast waterproof mascara (both awesome!) and liquidlast liner from MAC will NOT BUDGE; just make sure you have some oil based makeup remover to get it off later
LLL comes in tons of colors so you could even try to color coordinate with your bathing suit. As for your hair, I'd say natural beachy waves or pigtail braids.


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In my opinion, if you're doing this for a guy you know guys he will think a girl wearing make up to the pool is ridiculous. So I'd go with the foundation and very light application of mascara. Enough to make you look good without it looking like you're trying to look good.


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The L'oreal Infallible lip color would be a good choice for lipstick. That stuff really stays on. I have a Covergirl Professional Waterproof mascara that seems to stay on very well. I even have trouble removing it at night. And I can totally understanding you wanting to wear a little make up. It sounds like a social occasion to me and who doesn't want to try and look their best. Have fun!


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well ive been to a pool party with a full face of make up and it stayed on haha

i wore
Estee Lauder Double wear foundation (stayed on pretty well)
instead of an Eyeshadow i wore 2 different colors of MACs Paint Pots
i lined my eyes with MACs Liquid last Liner on top and i used a powerpoint pencil to line my lower lashline
instead of a blush i used a paintpot too
MACs Splashproof Mascara in Black
and on the Lips i wore Pucker tendertone (because of the spf)
everything stayed on and i was diving and swimming like crazy
just make sure you dont rub your eyes
hope that helps