going to the US! what should i buy? =)


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hello girls and boys!!!!

first of all to everyone who read my "studying abroad please help" post
.... i thanked you all for the answers. i have REAL good news which ill post a bit later when i come home from the office!

ok my question: im going to america in about 2, 3 weeks for a whole month and i really just cant wait!!!!!
i live in austria. and we really dont have alot of brands that you have like stila, smashbox, nars, urban decay... and so on.
we mostly have the stuff like: dior, chanel, guerlain, lancome, ysl, estee lauder, armani, ummm sisley... mac, benefit and bobbi brown.

so im reeeeeeeeally excited to go makeup shopping, because of all the cool brands we dont have and the muuuch cheaper american prices

so please tell me what to buy from those things! are there any must have products? any cool and good stuff youll recommend to me??? tell me all and everything so i know what to splurge on. =) cause its my one and only chance to go real big shopping, and i dont want to leave out something real good


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Check out Sephora.....I know they have it in France but I'm not sure about Austria? It's a good beauty one stop!


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def find a sephora! check out stlia's eyeshadows(kitten is a staple neutral)

nars blush, lipstick, and their body bronzer(its amazing!splurge for this if u like tanned skin)

smashbox face products are really good also if u need a new foundation or primer

urban decays eyeshadows and glitter pencil/liquid liners

Pink Sugar products(smells so girly and sweet)

philosophy's bath products....


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Definitely check out NARS for lipstick, glosses and blushes, plus their Oil-Free Foundation is a gem.

Laura Mercier has one of the most outstanding Tinted Moisturizers, as well as a great Mineral Foundation.

Splurge on brushes, you can get MAC brushes at a much cheaper price than we do in Europe. It's pretty much what I go for when I'm visiting the US. I'll also be going for three weeks.


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mac 187
bobbi brown shimmer bricks
bobbi brown pot rouges
nars glosses and lipsticks
mac fluidline/loreal hip cream color truth eyeliner
smashbox photofinish/ monistat anti chafing gel
if u r into mineral makeup then checkout everyday minerals

Corvs Queen

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Check out the new Maybelliene Mascaras. Max Factor and at Wal-Mart they have a line by Mary Kate and Ashley that has some really nice pigment type things that are way cheap. I also recommend you look at Herbal Essences Shampoos and Conditioners. They are a lot better than the Euro versions. As for for I suggest you get a Reece's Peanut Butter cup A.S.A.P. I am totally craving one and I can live thorough you a bit.
Have fun and I hope you love America. My husband is a Austrian and he just loves it there. All the best. I may add more later.


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Stock up on UDPP, get UD eyeshadows. Maybe some Stila lipglazes, and eyeshadows.

NARS has great blushes. Get some of those and a bronzer.

Also, check out Ben and Jerry's while you're here. Their Phish Food ice cream is so yummy!!!


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I am going to the US also, and I plan on buying some 15-pan pallettes and quads from the MAC PRO store.


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i suggest hitting the big pharmacies such as Duane Reade & CVS

low budget brands such as Milani, Jordana have big color pay-off for just a few dollars

also I recommend Cover Girl mascara such as VolumeExact that is highly regarded ... gives Diorshow a run for its money
(about $7)

from sephora: Stila, Nars, Laura Mercier, Laura Geller, Smashbox