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Golden arches: Perfect your brows!


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so that's what you do? my brows are so long, i tend to play with them by "combing" them over with the brow set. So i trimmed it like you said and filled it in with a brow pencil, hopefully it doesn't look too weird. My boyfriend says he doesn't like it. I guess it takes some getting used to since I had thick (course-wise, not shape-wise) eyebrows.



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Thanks! I've FINALLY learn how to do my eyebrows!


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good post!!
by the way, may i know what lipstick and gloss you used in the photo?
so pretty! i love its color so much!


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Thank you for this tutorial! My eyebrows are a bit thin now and they've never had much of an arch (pretty much straight across without even a downward slant at the ends) so hopefully I can grow them for a while and try to shape them using this tutorial.


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THANKYOU! my brows need help.
i let a friend do them and they start and stop wayyy before they should. hope that made sense. lol. i have to fill them in everyday with benefit's browzings, what a pain. i'm definitely going to try the rubbing technique.


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Finally, a lesson on how to do brows (that I found)! I've always been amazed at how well you girls do your brows - never thought of trimming with tiny scissors at all!

I thought of going threading and almost gave up when I heard how painful it is. Now I can DIY.

Thanks thanks thanks!


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THis is just what I needed since my eyebrow s are in desperate need of some shape. I guess that's what I can expect since I've never done a thing to them and I think I'm older than a lot of people here

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