Goldmine e/s Need your input!


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I have sooo much stuff, so I have been doing mini "challenges" within my own collection to use stuff up and to shake up my creativity a bit.
This week, my self imposed challenge was to use Goldmine every day. But now I need help!

I need your suggestions. It's only Wednesday but I have a few more days to go and I've run out of ideas.
For reference, I am a Studio Fix C2 with dark brown hair (with golden highlights) and dark brown eyes. This week I have used Goldmine on the lid with other colors, but I'm open to other placement suggestions. So far this week I have used:
Goldmine & Coppering
Goldmine & Embark
Goldmine & Woodwinked (with a teeny tiny bit of Sketch)

Your input is greatly appreciated.


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goldmine & rule
goldmine & sumptuous olive
goldmine & humid
goldmine & golders green pig
goldmine & star violet

those are a few of my faves.. as for color placement, play around with it! wow you just totally reminded me that i have been neglected my goldmine! haha..


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I love Goldmine, because it goes with almost everything, especially when you stay within the same frosty finishes.

I've used it most with Juxt, In Living Pink (peachy LE color, similar to Paradisco), and Freshwater.

MAC is love

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Shroom as a highlight, Mulch all over lids, Goldmine in creases


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Goldmine/Star Violet/Nocturnelle/Beauty Marked (I have an FOTD of this one posted)
Goldmine/Steamy/Fresh Water/Deep Truth

::edit:: Today I am wearing Goldmine/Sable/Antiqued =)


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goldmine and starviolet looks HOT together!

I love pairing shimmery gold and bronze colors with teal/blue type colors. I love wearing goldmine with my peacocky softsparkle eyeliner.... also with pompous blue and with shimmermoss. something about the gold and teal/blue reminds me of greek goddesses



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Goldmine and shimmermoss
Goldmine and juxt/humid/sprout
Goldmine and parfait amour/satellite dreams

Actually, come to think of it....maybe goldmine and hepcat? but don't quote me on that one. It may only sound good in my head hehe


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I looove Goldmine and Steamy, Humid, Satellite Dreams, and Cranberry. I think the dark, rich colors make it *pop*. Lol!


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goldmine/cranberry/satellite dreams
goldmine/old gold pigment


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oooh many! my fav is goldmine + amberlights + bronze! theres also:
goldmine + cranberry
goldmine + waternymph + deep truth


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goldmine/amberlights is my standard eye makeup actually!
but goldmine looks great with anything, godmine/steamy looks nice too


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Damn, this just reiterates all the reasons why I should have opted for Goldmine over Gorgeous Gold. I can't seem to find a good use for the latter.


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Originally Posted by elisha24
Goldmine, Amberlights and Coppering is one of my fav combos.

Interesting...Do you see a difference b/t Goldmine and Amberlights?

I just purchased them, and wondering if perhaps I should return one and exchange it for a different shade altogether.

Edit: Nevermind. I used them together on the eye and I see the diff. I like Amber Lights better.


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Goldmine Inner Half, Amber Lights Outer Half, Humid in the Crease, Era as highlight and black or green eyeliner.


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Originally Posted by Katja
Damn, this just reiterates all the reasons why I should have opted for Goldmine over Gorgeous Gold. I can't seem to find a good use for the latter.

Thought it was just me. I thought it was going to be like Old Gold, which I enjoy!!