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goldy rose smoky


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These DO look like TV stills.

But wherever these pics come from, I love the makeup. This look is really not for everyday wear AT ALL, but it's gorgeous! The colors are beautiful.


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i like the eye make up too..but i don't really like the lip colour...sorry


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gogo she maybe didn`t understand that this part
of forum for personal work ... so she had posted this pics which they r
from my Gulf webside forum ... as kind of tutorial
and we know all that every person have diffrent test .....

there r alot of wonderful pics but this one i didn`t really like it!
coz its alittle bit havye ...
but in my country they put this looks and another just as pushpa said
in a wedding day ......

and this another look to show u all
that there r really alot of amazing pic .... and they not my own work for sure!
but it is from professional makeup artest well-non just to give u
some idea about Arabian makeup in spical days (wedding - partty .....)
and sorry for my bad spilling skills! :




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