Gosh Spring Collection 2010

Sexy Sadie

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Take a look.

I want the darker quad, the blue and purple pencil and the nail polishes.


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Whoop for danish cosmetics!!! Don't know if they still do this and if they do it outside of DK, but they used to donate a percentage of all cosmetic sales to breat cancer research. Always make me love them. Especially the waterproof eyeshadow sticks.


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Everyone is doing the jumbo gloss pencils lately! I have one by a Canadian brand called QUO - another Canadian brand called Lise Watier also has some out right now.


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Weird, I only own 3 GOSH pencil liners and they're all repromoted in this collection. The lipgloss pencils look cool, I might pick up the red one


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i wish that i knew about GOSH when they had their rainbow nail polish out a while back and missed out on that.