Got another Mac mailer today....


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I did a live chat today and the official launch date for the MSF Natural powders and the liquid will be Feb. 8th! YAY!


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Originally Posted by noahlowryfan
how do you get mailers from MAC?

You have to be on their database before anything else. Usually when you purchase something at a freestanding store, they'll ask you for your information (address, phone #, etc.) when they're ringing in your purchase and they key you in. Or they can access your info from your online mac account if you have one. Other than that, it's really hit and miss and pure luck. I've been on their database since last june and this is the first one I've gotten from them


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To get mailers from Mac you have to be signed up at a Mac Pro store or at a Mac Freestanding store.

Their sending out alot more mailers this year then they have been doing before.

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