Greetings from the wastelands of Delaware!

miss sha

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Hello ladies!

You can call me Sha.
I'm a 20 year old (soon to be 21 next month!) English writing major/studio art minor going to school in New Jersey and recently moved to Delaware. There's no Sephora here and the closest MAC is an hour away!

Anyway, I've only very, very recently gotten into makeup. I'd never been into it before, except for my nu-metal goth raccoon eyes period in high school. Even with my makeup collection growing (mainly MAC!), I'm still mostly a jeans-and-t-shirt-wearing gamer.

So right now I'm super excited for the MAC Graphic Garden collection (want those lookboxes!!!) and trying to experiment with lip color, since I find that I can't notice much of a color difference with my Stila lip glazes. Unfortunately, my experimenting right now is limited to looking at beauty blogs online--and now Specktra!--but as soon as I get back to a MAC I'm trying on all the lipglosses!

Anyway, I'm gonna stop boring all of you with my rambly introduction. See you all on the forums!

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