Growing your hair out


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Good luck with growing your hair out...I think we've all been there. I second the biotin recommendation. Personally, I would say the best advice I can give is to put off trims/cuts as long as possible (I get mine trimmed every 3 months and highlighted every 2 months...but that may be too long for you). My hair is currently at my bra strap, but I cannot wait till its mid waist on me...the biotin gives me literally about an 1 inch of hair growth a month. Good luck honey!


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drink alot of milk and eat foods high in protein. your hair is made up mostly of keratin which is a protein. also, make sure you stay hydrated. i've never tried biotin, so i can't say anything about it really (i'm seriously thinking about it now though!) but milk and protein is a surefire way to promote healthy hair growth


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Get regular trims so you don't get a mullet. Apart from that, just invest in lots of cute scarves, pins and some styling paste. You can't hurry your hair; all you can do it keep it stylish enough that you don' get jack of it growing and attempt to cut it all off again.

I went from 1/2" pixie crop to hair halfway down my back in 3.5 years, it's just a matter of keeping away from the scissors.


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Of course, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

I could never get my hair past bra strap length. I've learned quite a few things in the past year and now my hair touches my waist.

1. Clarify all the silicone products off your hair, so that you can see any actual damage. Silicone does a great job of 'gluing' your split ends together.

2. Trim off the damage. I wet my hair, then apply some cone-free conditioner to the length and ends and leave it on. I use VO5 conditioners, they have no silicone. (the fruity ones) I use a mild sulfated shampoo (none of the popular products), and dilute it with water in an applicator bottle with a nozzle. Shake it up and the nozzle lets me get all the foamy shampoo right on my scalp. You'll find you have more than enough lather and it cleans just as well, but is much gentler on your scalp. Harsh full strength shampoos strip all the oil from your scalp and in turn, your scalp will work overtime to produce the oil and then much more.
I rinse well with warm water and then apply a 'richer' cone free conditioner all over, not getting any on the scalp.Two of my favorites are Nature's Gate Original Herbal and Sebastian Volume. The scalp needs to be free of any waxy,oily products. I got rid of my oily scalp by doing this and I no longer have to wash my hair everyday. I put a plastic hair cap on , leaving the conditioner on while I finish bathing. Then rinse well with warm water, followed by a cool/cold rinse to help calm the cuticle and promote natural shine.

3. I've learned to let my hair air dry most of the time, saving the use of a blow dryer for special occassions. No flat irons or curling irons. I've learned many new cool up-do's and in the process my hair has grown like a weed. Pretty awesome for an old lady.

4. If you want coloring or highlighting, go to a professional. I get my roots touched up every two months and have a microtrim twice a year. I have no split ends. The microtrim mostly shapes my hair, it grows in a 'u' shape.

My avatar is my hair, except it is about 2" longer now.


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It took me four years to grow out what a stylist did because she didn't like my grandmother. She chopped my hair above my ears going into grade 8. I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't really see what she was doing. And the nerve of it was she wouldn't refund it. It was $70 for 4 years of being made fun of for it. (It's only now just touching my shoulder)

It's only now starting to grow out. JUst go for regular trims to get split ends out and deep condition every once in a while (not too often) and use the right shampoo for your hair type.


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Really loving the biotin. I've hit 3/4 of an inch in less than a month, and it's noticable growth.


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Wow the biotin sounds great. I actually might try that.

If you stop using it, will the effects stop too? i.e. if I start using it will i ALWAYS have to shave my legs pretty much every other day? or just untill I stop?
You might want to try for some good hair tips. I've been growing my hair out for about five years (got it buzzed then, and it's just past waist-length now), and the girls there have a lot of really good advice and support on growing hair. The biotin really does work (and the effects do stop once you stop taking it - it only spurs the growth while it's in your system). MSM is great, too - it doesn't make the hair grow faster, but it does make the new growth healthier, shinier, thicker, etc., at least in my experience.

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