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It is! You might be familiar with the texture because of the blushes? I wonder.
The texture is so lovely. I've been eyeing Chanel Alezane but if it were Gucci I would have already bought it lol
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It's very pretty on you. I have Oriental Sienna Bronzer and the Luxe Finishing Powder too, and they are extremely silky.

I have Alezane, I haven't worn it in ages though as I don't wear neutral lipsticks often and it doesn't work with my fuchsias and pinks. I'll have to try it out again soon!

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Received my highlighter and its gorge! The texture is amazingly soft but Gucci does powder products really well. It has a sparkle finish but its not a junkie sparkle, I'd call it a sheer sparkle if that makes sense.

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