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I'm so happy, I found a UK seller on eBay who has some old Rouge G shades including #61 Gaela! It is my all time favourite (together with #63 Giulette, but I have a back up of that one) and I hadn't been able to find it anywhere. I'd pretty much stopped using it because I was too afraid to run out. Now I can! (Although to be fair I hardly wear lipsticks nowadays, but this gave me the incentive to do so.


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New LE Rouge G Cases!

Stunning Queen ~ Which to me is a re-release of the rhinestone encrusted case I purchased last year :heart:

So, I am here for the new Snake case. The nice thing is you can just swap out your lippie color! ;)


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My SA called to tell me Guerlain is being pulled out of Nordstrom and won't be available online either. I hope they aren't planning on pulling out of the US altogether
So confusing. There isn't any mention of the LMVH corporate reports that Guerlain is pulling out of the US. In my mind, though, they're becoming like Shu Uemura where they've become so inaccessible because their counters are hard to find.

Recently, I was in the King of Prussia mall near Philly. Guerlain has pulled out of the Neiman's there but set up a counter in the Nordstrom. If people need product advice that is one place to call.
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I guess the reasons that I like Guerlain are the permanent products--the bronzers and foundations. With so much competition at the high end, I think I've officially lost interest given that their continued accessibility isn't assured. I hate falling in love with a product then finding I can't get it. I did try a sample of the L'Essential foundation and it didn't work for me so maybe I'm just having an off moment for them.
so much yes! bronzers and meteorites are my daily must

try essentiel again. it is beautiful foundation! but make sure to hydrate well before

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