Guerlain "Fleur De Feu" Eye Palette (love!)


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Hi everyone...

I'm loving the look of this...

Guerlain ‘Fleur de Feu’ Eye Palette

Has anyone bought it/tried it? I really want to know if it's worth it as I shouldn't really be buying for looks alone, although it wouldn't be the first time!! Or if not, just have any comments on Guerlain eyeshadows in general as I've never used anything from them at all.

Thanks so much

wild child

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I really wanted this too based on just the prettiness alone but once I saw the tester at the counter I passed.

The pink flower design is only on the top layer. Once you start using the quad it'll disappear. The tester quad didn't even have the pink flower design on it anymore. Knowing me, if I bought it i'd probably never use it b/c I wouldn't want to ruin it. Just my 2 cents =)