Guerlain My super tips


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FINALLY! I've been waiting forever for Guerlain to package its skincare in a tube! I refuse to pay $200+ for eye cream packaged in a jar and I'm so tired of buying samples off eBay!

I hope one of these can work as an eye cream lol. Either way I'm so happy about this line


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This seems pretty cool. Their Super Aqua Line is pretty solid for me but it's too expensive to keep up with, so I'll give this new line a try since it's a lot more affordable. I'm interested in Midnight Secret.

The Lip Hero sounds nice but BBB's review didn't convince me enough to commit into buying it. I have a very high standard for lip balms and treatments since many of them are all talk and no good long-term results. I'm thinking about investing in the Abeille Royal Honey Smile Lift if I can a hold of a sample beforehand.


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I've been using Midnight Secret sporadically since late May and I'm impressed. It feels like a little miracle worker and my face doesn't look haggard/tired after a long night at work. It certainly lives up to its name. ?????? It's going to be a part of my staple beauty items (especially since I work on afternoon/night/graveyard shifts). Next on my list are Stop Spot and Lip Hero.

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