Guess ad with Adriana Lima e/s suggestions?


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Hey guys!
Any idea what eyeshadows look like the ones Adriana & Megan Ewing have on in these Guess ads?


Those are pretty much the best quality pics I got,
please, please, please suggest any similar shades, I truly love their e/s look in this one
and always wanted to recreate it with the most similar shades possible,
thanks for checking out:)

(I'll try find more pics as well, sorry if it ain't the best place to ask, but I'm new and totally clueless :D)


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Aww, thank You so much! I was thinking loads trying to figure out the most similar shade to this possible,
I thought about MAC Mulch and UD Snakebite but still they don't look quite much like this one so again thank you soo much! :)

And btw I love Make Up Store and their Studio Foundation, kinda sucks because I have buy it online, but I'll check out that eye dust for sure!

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