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Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)


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Hey there, this is my first tutorial! I'm aware that many of you already know how to do this as there's many pigment pressing tuts, but I was bored and this kept me entertained.

I originally posted this here:


What You Will Need (NOT PICTURED: Optional items such as a straight iron and baking paper)



















Where can I find empty eyeshadow pans?
I just used a cheapo eyeshadow (a BYS eyeshadow that can be bought from GLOSS stores in Australia) which I scraped out and then used the empty pan for pressing. ELF (Eyes Lips Face) eyeshadows also fit MAC quads and can be bought online (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elfshop/default.asp) as do Milani eyeshadows. A complete list of pans that fit MAC palettes can be found here: http://www.makeupresource.com/pans/

Where can I buy alcohol for pressing?
Isopropyl alcohol can easily be found in the supermarket as it is used as a disinfectant, toner etc.

How long do I leave the pigment to 'dry' before pressing?
I use a straight iron to 'dry' my pigment and I only leave the pigment on there for a few minutes. The appearance of the pigment changes from liquidy to more of a set look but not completely dry. Around the edges of the pan, the pigment kind of shrinks, cracks and comes away from the edges. Some people like to leave their pigment to dry until the alcohol scent has completely evaporated away. Personally, I let the pigment dry enough that it comes away from the edges slightly but mine is still damp enough that it has a strong alcohol scent. The pigment needs to be dry enough so that when you press it, it doesnt squish everywhere, but wet enough so that it can be pressed firmly. It's a bit of trial and error but generally - if you are using a straight iron, hairdryer or oven to dry your pigment, only do it for a few minutes so that the surface looks set and not liquidy and if you are allowing it to air dry, also leave it long enough so that the surface is no longer wet to touch or spongy.

How does the colour payoff/texture compare?
It's exactly the same, IMO. The texture of the pressed pigment is softer and more powdery than a regular pressed eyeshadow, but compared to a standard pigment, it feels the same on the skin however there is less fall out when applied onto a brush making it easier to handle and less messy. The colour payoff should be no different to how the pigment usually is


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dude thanks so much. i never even thought of doing thisd lol..this will help my messy a** out so much!!! lol <3


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Thank you so much for this! I never would have even thought of doing this. Any cheap eyeshadows you would recommend buying just for the pot?


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Yay!! Thanks so much for doing this

So do you think Isocol IS ok to use?? I saw it... but reaally wasn't sure

Great tut!!

(and I'd like to know tooo- which pans did you get? I'm having an AWFUL time finding anything that is cheap and will fit into the mac palettes in Australia!)


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Thanks that was an excellent tut. One question...how long did you have the pan on the hair straightener?


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Originally Posted by n_c
Thanks that was an excellent tut. One question...how long did you have the pan on the hair straightener?

Yeah i have same question. You've done great job.
Thank you so much............


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Originally Posted by Fallon
How much pigment fills the pan (1/2 tsp etc?)

i'm thinking that it's around 1/2 tsp. i had some 1/4 tsp samples that i tried to press but they didnt really fill the pan up enough and they didnt press well so im assuming they are fake (the texture was really weird and crumbly). i recently pressed Vanilla pigment using the vial from the Dress Sets collection and I used about 1/4 to 1/3 of the vial


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I was wondering the same thing. All of the pigments I have are from the holiday sets, so they are much smaller. Would that be enough to press some and then still have some left over loose?

EDIT: oops, you beat me to replying. My question has been answered. lol

Also, thank you for adding the FAQ!


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What type of material did you use to press down on the pigment with? Could you describe it's texture and were I could find something like it...thanks.

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