Guilty Pleasure Movies


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Inspired by mine and Leven's love for Shock Treatment...I'd like to ask all of you ladies and gents what your favorite guilty pleasure movie is...

Mine is probably The Sweetest Thing. I despise all things chick flick, and if asked in public, will NEVER admit that I actually like this movie.


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probably Billy Madison, lol... that movie is ridiculous but I've seen it no lie, close to 50 times. There was a period where my little sis when she was about 4 years old made me watch it like once a day with her.. hahah

I can probably recite 90% of the dialogue, lol.. im so lame


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Great Thread

One of my guilty pleasure movies is Berry Gordys (of motown fame) The Last Dragon!

Its a cheesy mid eighties karate movie about a guy who lives in NY named Bruce Leroy (get it lol) who goes up againt the shogun of Harlem named Sho'Nuff.

Its EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you were expecting me to say Shock Treatment lol


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LMAO I actually wasn't expecting Shock Treatment...I was, however, expecting something awesomely bad...and boy did you deliver. LOL I'm gonna have to run out and find that movie now...


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yeah, its pretty bad....but in the best way!!!

Oh, and i forgeot to mention its got dance scenes, and that song Rhythm of The Night by DeBarge!!!!


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the pest. if nobody's ever seen it, it's a ridiculous movie that john liguizamo (sp?) made in the 90s. SO stupid. SO fantastic. i know every line!


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Sleepaway Camp. Super bad 80s horror movie. I liked the second and third one too.

I also love John Waters movies.

Oh, and Phantom of the Paradise. It's so bad, but I think it's wonderful.

I love Shock Treatment. Back when my ipod was still alive, I would play the soundtrack when I was at work.