Hair Color Help: Dark Brown to Red


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Hi everyone! I need some help!

I have dark brown hair and went to the salon for a reddish-burgundy type color. The stylist didn't use bleach or anything, and the top of my hair came out an orangey looking red while the bottom was still really dark brown. I bought a reddish-burgundy drugstore dye later on I really loved the way the color came out, but the color still didn't take too well to the ends, although it was more colored than at the salon. I really can't afford to go to the salon again, I'm near drugstores, a small beauty supply store, and I can get to a Sally's if I really need to, so does anyone have any ideas on how to get the lower half of my hair to absorb color as well as the roots?

Thanks for reading!


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If it's been within a week, you should call back to the salon and let them know you weren't satisfied. They should fix it for free, but you may be out of luck because you dyed over it yourself. Many salons want to see your hair as they left it to see what they did wrong and how to fix it. They might not do it now, though, because they can say YOU did something when you dyed it yourself.

I would still try and call back, if it's been within a week to ten days. Good luck.


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As said above, I would call the salon and let you know. I work in a hairdressers, and if anyone has a problem with their colour we like to know, and we will sort it out free of charge.

Is your hair dyed dark brown? If so, theres the reason why the ends aren't taking. Tint doesn't lift tint. Then again, its the same for natural dark hair and applying a lighter colour, it doesn't lift it. Another possible reason is that your hair is damaged at the bottom, so your hair is not taking it well. I personally think the stylist should have used different percentages of the developer from the roots to the ends, i.e one more powerful on the bottom than the top. Like I said, call back the salon and let them know whats happened, they will want to know


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Did you get a positive response from the salon?

If your still unhappy with the color I would suggest stipping your hair, you can do this by using a color remover, which I haven't personally used but I've had people say good and bad things about it (ne of them being it made their hair darker).

Or you could do a Soap Cap which is 1 part bleach powder, 1 part developer and 2 parts shampoo, what this will do is lift some of the old color out so that you can use a new color on top. A soap Cap isn't as damaging as using straight bleach.