Hair color "swatches?"


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For those of us who color our own hair, could we have a thread with examples/results? Like how some people post color swatches noting skintones and whatnot, maybe we could do the same for hair?


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i dont think this will work.

hair color is a very individualized thing. the end result of hair color totally depends on whether your hair is virgin or precolored, its condition/porosity, its current color, the color you want it, how many shades lighter/darker youre trying to go, the volume of developer you use, the time its left on, processed with or without heat.

theres LOTS of specifics, thats why hair dressers charge so much money for hair color. we went to school for it! haha


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you took the words right out of my mouth haha!
iv dyed my hair and it certainly hasnt come out the colour on the box. on some ocassions

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