hair ideas- need help!


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i need a new haircolor because mine is just blah, but the thing is, I have to do it myself.
I know it's best to see a salon for multiple reasons but it's completely out of question at the moment. My hair is naturally really dark brown which is what it is right now, and I want to lighten it a little on the top and keep it dark on the bottom.

Anyways heres my questions:
1. I was looking at garnier ultra lift browns, has anyone tried these? I was going to use this for the top portion of my hair
2. Would it look okay to do lighter on the bottom darker on the top? I have neevr seen this done but it might be better just in case the light looks horrible on me
3. I have really fair skin so do you think a medium brown would suit that?

(sorry this is so long!)

heres the exact colors I was looking at:

(on top)


(on the bottom)

oh and feel free to suggest anything else! im pretty open to anything except black or blonde!

thanks soso much!


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I use to use 401 a LOT when I had chin-length hair that I was crazy about dying. I like it as just a "normal" hue (considering I would have black, or bright red, or purple at times). I was really pale back then, too, and it didn't look bad at all.

I liked those Garnier box dyes a lot when I was still using box dyes. I found that they worked the best for my hair. Plus I loved the conditioner they give you, yay! Now I buy the color and developer separately and I really miss those conditioners


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Dying your hair with box dye can be a good thing sometimes- but I did have a bad experience with it a few times. A MAJOR thing to watch out for is to make sure it isn't a metallic dye. I used one unknowingly and my hair turned a little green((it could have been worse)) and I couldn't dye it lighter until all my hair grew out. It was traumatizing to say the least. But, if you just make sure it's not a metallic dye it should be okay.


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I agree... box dye's can turn out really good for me or REALLY bad... and i tried to lighten my dark brown hair once.. and it turned out to be a mess.. my roots turned out orange and the rest a dark color.. i had to go buy another box dye.. and try to fix it.. i was in tears pretty much and the last time i dyed my hair sucked aswell.. i went to re touch the darkness of my hair decided to try another box of dye different brand... my hair turned out black.. and it look me a long time to get used to.. alot of people love it now in the next couple weeks i think im gunna get some random pieces of blonde put in or something for a different look!!...

I think trying to get your hair the exact way you want it with a box dye can be tricky!! im not doing it again LOL! way to many bad expriences.. i hope it works out for you though!


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lol thanks
yeah im still on the fence about it...
Im thinking i will do an allover redish color instead of trying to lighten it myself


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i think it would be easier to do an all-over red tint, than to lighten the brown too much.

esp at home

garnier nutrisse makes great at-home reds =)