Hair Relaxer?


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Have any of you ladies ever used a relaxer in your hair? I’m just wondering what the results have been. It is something you would recommend?

My hair is quite thick and very inconsistent – there are some random waves, some curly bits, and a few straight pieces. I have tried wearing it both curly and straight, but my hair never wants to cooperate. I’m growing it out and now that it is almost shoulder-length, styling is becoming an issue.

I recently had a Liquid Keratin smoothing treatment that’s supposed to last 12 weeks. It has helped a little, my hair is bit smoother, but overall, it’s not worth the price I paid. I still struggle in the morning to style my hair.

I thought about getting a relaxer (done by my stylist in the salon) and I understand that relaxers can do some damage. Just wondering what kind of damage and if the results might be worth it.

Before I discuss this with my stylist, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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