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Yes I have!! I have been using an IPL at-home device for a month now and my hair has visibly reduced, the process should take up to 3 months so obv I still have some way to go but since I started it I saw incredible results and my skin is so glowy..I've read that it's also very good for redness, ect! It also saved up so much of my money, one purchase and i'm done forever!!
I'll attach the link of the website, it's really good personally


是的,我有!!我已经在家里使用 IPL 设备一个月了,我的头发明显减少了,这个过程最多需要 3 个月,所以我还有一段路要走,但自从我开始使用它,我看到了令人难以置信的结果和我的皮肤太亮了……我读过它对发红也很好,等等!它还为我节省了很多钱,一次购买,我就永远完成了!!
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I would like to ask you what method of hair removal you use? 😳
Has anyone used an IPL hair removal device?
Yes! The IPL hair removal device is more efficient than conventional hair removal devices & creams.
You can try beurer
There are two versions of IPL technology-based hair removal. You can check and try. It gives really best results.

Check the link below-


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I’ve been doing IPL laser hair removal for about a year now and I think laser isn’t really for everyone. If after like 4 months or so the hair doesn’t grow less, then maybe this treatment isn’t for you.



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