Hair Volume - how can i make it stay throughout the day??


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Hiya everyone! yep yet another hair question
I use large velcro rollers for volume in my hair (mainly the crown) and they work wonders! I put the roller in to dry hair spritz a bit of hairspray and leave for as long as possible and the result is exactly how i want it..the only problem is about 10 minutes later it has dropped and im back to flat ugly hair again which doesnt suit me at all. Ive tried backcombing but even that flattens! I was wondering if anyone knew of any products i could use that wouldnt make my hair sticky/heavy/crispy but would set the rollers? Ive heard of setting lotion and bought some but it does nothing, it was only a cheap brand though so if anyone has used one that works please let me know. Thanks so much forr your help..all suggestions needed! Thanksss



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I have really volumeless hair, and I use a pomade. I put it on the tips of my fingers and apply it at the roots when my head is upside down. I like to use Beadhead mastermind, and I like it because it never fully dries, so if your hair does fall down you can just lean over to turn your head upside down and restyle it without adding more product. HTH!


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Wella makes a good setting lotion, but have you tried some root boosts? they will pump your hair up at the root, that sounds maybe like more of what you want? I like Kiwi and Caviar brands of root spray...and they both smell gooooood.


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There is no easy way actually, like make a hairdo in the morning and forget about it for the whole day.

Possible solutions:
a) volumizing perm;
b) Only to carry some "super hold" hair sprays in a bag with you all day and backcomb your hair every 2 hours.

There is a girl at my institute, whose hairdo looks like Elvira's, but the volume is fantastic, because she does what I've just mentioned previously.

Unfortunately, this is how it works.


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My hair flattens/uncurls itself within a couple of hours.

I make myself feel better by thinking of all the hours other people have to spend flat-ironing their hair to end up with what I naturally get. Grass, greener, etc.

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