Halloween 2007 - Mer-creature

Click on the thumbnail, sorry such low resolution, just a pic off my cell phone.

Base: Sky Blue Chromacake

Scales: Bitter, Big T, Bang on blue, Romping, Passionate, and I can't remember what purple I used. Then I used liquidlast to define them.

Cheeks: Bitter and Gorgeous Gold on apples, Rite of Spring as a highlight, and contoured with Big T.

Eyes: I used spirit gum and brow wax to eliminate my brows. Bitter on lid, Teal pigment in crease (pretty much right up to brow bone) Plumage to deepen further. Big T on the inner part of my crease carried onto the bridge of my nose. Big T and Teal Pigment on lower lash line. Tarnish in water line. All Black Fiber Rich on lashes. For bottom lashes I de-constructed a peacock feather (They really looked colorful in real life)

Lips: Make Up Forever Orange Lip pencil, Pink Grapefruit Lipglass.


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Oh wow, this is fucking spectacular! I wish you had gotten a better quality picture of this because it's fabulous!


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Very, very cool lookin'!! I agree... i wish the picture quality was better but looks like you did an amazing job