Halloween Anime Doll! Warning: Creeptastic and PIC HEAVY!


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Originally Posted by KatRosier
Thats amazing! Could you do a tutorial? pwetty please?

oh wow, i have never done a tut before. i would love to, but i think i should start off smaller with the tuts - like maybe a simple daytime look or something. i can tell you i did the pupils and worked out to the purple, then white and then i framed it with the black again. then i went in ad did the brows, shadow and lashes last.

Hope this helps. sorry i couldn't be more help right now.


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that is AWESOME! my little sister wants to be this anime character and I was thinking of some MA ideas for her, this is perfect!


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Holy Crapula!!!! That. Is. Freakin'. AWESOME.

How did you ever come up with the idea for that. If I was at a party, and I turned around and saw that, I'd go completely buggers! You are one creative chicky.