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Halloween makeup - Real life barbie


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I recently did a tutorial for real life barbie makeup, Theres a couple russian women that look like real life barbies so I decided that I'd do a tutorial showing you how to apply the makeup to look like a real life barbie, kinda creepy I know ( Russian real life barbie featured above )

This is my version of the real life barbie

It took my close to hours to complete this look, I was lacking a couple things to get the full affect ( fake eyelashes, smaller brows, lenses ) but I was really happy with how the look turned out.

It was a lot of work but it was fun and I think if you have the things I was missing the look would have been total complete. I think the trickest part was trying to contour my nose to get it super thin like barbies, the lipes were also a bit difficult. Another thing I did was I applied the lower liner to fair away from my actually eye lid but this was my first time trying this look.

If you want the full tutorial feel free to check out my blog www.kmakesithappen.blogspot.ca I have pictures and full steps to properly transform into a real like barbie.




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