Hard Candy @ Walmart!?!?


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So, I went to check out our new local Walmart which by the way is bigger than anything I've ever seen! Bigger than Orlando's I think! Ok back to topic
I was really suprised to see them there as I thought they were out of business. Most things are $5 to $8, I can't remember if I saw anything higher than that. Very reasonable but you gotta wonder about the formulation. Good for teenagers or clubbing. They glitter cream eyeshadow with a glitter liner. Glitter eye gel. Glitter mascara. Lipgloss. Liquid eyeliner. Lipgloss + Lipliner set.


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To be honest, that's where that line belongs. Everything from there, except for the lip glosses, sucked ass. Every shadow I had from HC was on par with quality of makeup from the dollar store. I can't believe they sold it in Sephora for so long. If I see it @ my Wal Mart I might pick up a few things, especially the glosses, since they carry a cheaper price tag.


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Yeah, when they were in Sephora their line was subpar to everything else. I only own one eyeshadow of theirs. It was one of their shimmer ones and I don't think the quality of this eyeshadow is THAT bad. Its actually pretty nice but I can't speak for the rest of their line as thats all that I owned. I think its great that they're in Walmart as they will add to what you can't usually find there i.e. going out make up. Now, only if they could get the quality of their make up up to speed with Target's lines. I prefer Target but they're not open 24/7!


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I actually picked up:

(High Shine? High Gloss?)Lipgloss in Dolce Vita
Painted Lady Lipstick in Fire Alarm
Painted Lady Lipstick in Night Out
Just Nails Nail Polish in Sweet P

I'll be honest with you, the products were not bad! Night Out Lipstick looks scary in tube but it's very similar to Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (which I LOVE). The Dolce Vita Lipgloss had a fake caramel smell/flavor but it wasn't horrible. Fire Alarm lipstick + Dolce Vita Lipgloss turned out to be a great nude lip!

I was most excited about the nail polishes but only picked up one because all of the colors were so similar to things I already owned. The Sweet P Nail Polish is a greenish-gold glitter polish which is different from anything else I own. If you're not into the glitter polish trend, pass it up! As for me? I think it's awesome. Downside: It took three or four coats to get the look I wanted and I noticed that I'd used a lot of the polish when I looked at the bottle.

This line is seriously worth checking out!


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I agree with the eyeshadows, they are really quite terrible. I'm really liking the lip glosses I picked up though. The colors are cute and for a cheap gloss, they aren't sticky.


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i really only liking one lip gloss from them and even that was a "meh"... i never really liked the line but i always thought of how it really appeals to younger teens, its a good thing sephora doesnt carry the brand anymore.

however, i recently stopped by wal-mart a week ago and havent seen them put anything up yet so i havent gotten a chance to check them out.


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I'm really liking the new Hard Candy line! I like their new style with the filigree going on. Most of their products are about $6 a piece. Most attractive drugstore line everrr! I purchased one of their liquid liners for $6 and I really like it! It's really long lasting and I'm extremely impressed. I wanted to get one lipstick ($6) that had super cute packaging. It had cherries and swallows on it but I found the packaging to be super cheap and flimsy. It reminded me of those random lipsticks included in toys for children. So I passed on that. The baked duo shadows didn't have shades that screamed, "I need it now!" but they weren't bad either. I think I'll check them out later on. The eyeshadow sets were just plain boring to me. There were also nail polishes for $5. I almost bought Mr. Right since it looked a lot like Chanel Blue Satin but then I realized I can get OPI for $4 when I catch a sale at Ulta so I passed on that as well.

I think it's a good idea for Hard Candy to be sold at a lower price. They couldn't compete with the high end brands at Sephora like Dior, MUFE, etc. but they really stand out at Walmart and worth the money now. Plus the new image is great. I hated the whole cutsey pastel theme Hard Candy had going on. I think they may have been bought out or something as well since they used to be distributed by Urban Decay? but now it's some company based in New York I think.

The thing that worries me though is that give it a month and I have a feeling the Hard Candy display will be trashed. That's just how it is with stuff at Target and especially Walmart. Makeup items have to be super sealed to make it there. Most of the Hard Candy stuff have seals on them but I noticed the lipsticks are opened very easily. They have a wrapper on them but it's pointless because you can still easily open the lipstick with the wrapper still on. I'm sure you're going to get people testing this stuff, random kids putting them up their nose, etc.

Hard Candy Make-up is new and improved | Beauty Style Watch
That link has pictures of the Hard Candy display if you're curious to see. The pictures are enlarged once clicked too.


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I was unexpectedly surprised seeing this a few hours ago, what can I say? The packaging suckered me in so I ended up chatting with a lady about Iman shades while eyeballing the Hard Candy. I ended up buying the Radiant Shadow Stick in Love after about 10 minutes of debate since I don't own any hot pink eyeshadows. Read on for my oddball review.

Once I got home I looked at the ingredients low and behold the first ingredient is castor oil! I immediately lost hope, ended up testing on my hand, weak greasy payoff. Same thing on the eyes with primer.....

BUT I decided to see how it works as a lip color since I forgot to get some chapstick for my lizard lips. This stuff makes my lips feel soooo great, gives a semi sheer lipstick look, and I feel like a smart cookie for salvaging this.

As a eyeshadow I could never recommend this due to the texture, at least with the shade Love. However if you're feeling risky you could try it out with an industrial strength primer and powder shadow to set.... Now that I think of it if you're feeling brave and know what you're doing this stuff is goopy enough to pat glitter over it to adhere. YMMV of course.

ETA: Okay, to use this as an glitter adhesive would be silly since they sell glitter cream eyeshadows in sliding compacts. I couldn't justify using an eye product on my lips, no matter how creamy and great it felt for a day. Sooo I went and exchanged it for the Painted Lady Lipstick in No Peeking. It surprised me in a good way, polar opposite of the eye stick... I no longer feel the urge to stock up on Max Factor Vivid Impact l/s, this gives me a similar balm like feel. I'll keep my fingers crossed this isn't a fluke!


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Has anyone seen a Hard Candy display at the Walmarts in either Massena or Plattsburgh?

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