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I can't believe I'm just starting this thread... SHAME! I was introduced to this brand earlier this year, and have since fallen HEAD OVER HEELS in love! Best gloss I ever used... I'm not kidding. Goes on like water, wears like a gloss, pigmented like a semi-opaque lipstick.

These glosses are no.joke. I believe at least two other Specktra Divas are as in love with these glosses as I am.

Best part of this company: 50% of the proceeds go to educate and prevent against Domestic Violence.


I have every single gloss (and have done giveaways for most of them on my blog). Beauty with a cause... gotta love it!


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Well, of course I have to see what this is all about - saw your raves on your blog - love the pinks!

Thanks for the link!


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You're so welcome. You're going to LOVE the Pinks... I think Overdeliver is my favorite from that collection.

If I had to pick ONE color, it would probably be Get 'Em... because of the name, and the color (orangey red). Love it!

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