haul 7/1/06


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here's my haul from saturday...

First i was at/in lush. not soo much, but there was no body powder and no mask with 100ml. so i got the sample. Too bad that elixir(?) melt a bit and you can't read the word on it...i also got romance in a stone and rehab shampoo(my HG shampoo)
then at H&M<3

then i bought mac stuff. not very much because i bought the 187($$)

Scanty and half'n half lipstick and golden bronzer

i went to badezimmer beautystore and bought this: the moisturizer is my HG, too.

and then DM(drugstore) and bought two masks and a shower gel. And in a big book store i bought park avenue prinzessinnen. (you can see the book with a shirt/pullover, but actually only the book

and here a few H&M masks(i love them) and my new purse(which i love)

and here's my beauty things i bought in one pic:
i notice that i forgot to take a photo of my other H&M thing. I also bought a little mirror, two slips
(which look cute) and other thing i don't remember


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I don't think I have ever seen you type more than "very nice". lol.

Great haul. That cat bag is great.

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