Haul-lelujah hauls over the past month or so with pics


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Okay I admit, I've been waiting and waiting to say that. Yeah I'm so lame lol.

Anywhoo here are pics

My dog Momo checking out the pigments--she's a smart cookie!


Curiositease in all its glory! Cool and warm pigment and lipglass sets, and the softsparkle pencil set.


Here is my first shimmerbrick from Bobbi Brown--Rose and I love it! And her face blender brush. As well as my original Antiquitease color purchases of Engaging and Earthly Riches, as well as my second purchase which was a back up (my first ever backup) of Engaging, and Mi'Lady. Oh and Keepsake. Love the products, bag is meh.

And I took a little road trip to the US last weekend and picked up Victoria Secret fragrances! Yum!!! So here are their gift sets (thought this would be best for me who owned nothing from VS!)

body mist pack--currently wearing Love Spell--FANTASTIC!

7 mini bottles, and I love the scents!

Thanks for looking and hope you all have great hauls this hauliday season. Seriously I need to stop DOING THAT! lol


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wow, awesome haul!!!!
i got my first shimmerbrick last week too in sandstone.. arent they great? hehe

have fun with the new stuff~


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that IS and awesome haul! i just got the pink quartz shimmerbrick not too long ago (adding it to my other shimmerbricks so they won't get lonely).


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Love Spell is the number 1 selling body splash for VS. I hate it, I'm a fan of the Vanilla Lace :lol Very Sexy for her is lovely, I DO feel sexy when I put it on.

Great Haulling!


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Originally Posted by glam8babe
gr8 haul!
is the bobbi brown brush any good?

Yes I love it for applying the shimmer brick, and really any of my powders! Its a great brush to pick up a little or a lot, IMO.
Before that I used the MAC 168SE and wasn't impressed with how it picked up the product--that one is now sitting in a corner not being used!

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