Hauling in Italy, part 2


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Sooo, I went back to Italy last week and visited Firenze & Milano.
Of course I had to do some shopping, they had a pro store in Milano!

This is what I got:

- Saint Germain l/s
- Pro 4 pan palette
- Carbon e/s pan
- Satellite dreams e/s pot
- Brit Wit blushcreme
- Style powder blush
- Jellybabe lipgelée

I wanted to get Cantaloupe blush too but it looked too much like style, I'm kinda regretting it now though, we don't have pro stores here.
Oh, and I also bought Happy Hippy shower gel at Lush and it's awesome (Ok, we do have Lush in Sweden but it's cheaper in Italy).



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nice haul
enjoy it!