Haux e/s. What the h*ll?


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I have Haux eyeshadow (in my Snowgirl pallett), and no matter what I do, it comes out gray. I have tried everything including bases underneath the shadow and using a jillion different brushes.

Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem? Did I just get a bad Haux?


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How strange!...I love that color & it's kind of a nice clay shade for me, and I like blending it with Folie in the crease. Good luck with it!


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Very weird. Mine is more of a grey/purpley color. It seems to change shades depending on what it's paired with. I use 272 or 219, depending on what I'm going for.


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That's really weird. I have that palette too and I don't have any problems with it. It comes out just they way it supposed to.


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Wow, how strange. Haux is a rather rosy brown on me, too -- no gray at all. I end to pair it with Embark to play up the red tone.