Have you ever bottle up you feelings?


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It just happened to me sometimes without realizing it. I became emotionless at times from having to go through the same thing every day. Like I tend to shut off negativity from others when it happens. The same boring complaints and I'm not even annoyed. I go about my work like any other day. Just a little differently.
I used to. If we bottle things up, they don't just go away. Emotions will stay down until we physically can't contain them anymore, then they'll burst out fiercer than before. And it won't just be that one feeling, it will be everything else that's been thrown on top of it since.


Yo know i used to bottle up anger and shame a lot, this was because i grew up in a place that especially villainized these emotions as negative and non-ladylike. It was as i started working with yoga that I realized how much i was storing inside. I remember the time when i had a breakup with a long time partner, i kept reading The Great Gatsby which i thought was just a pattern but now that i think about it, it is because i had so much anger and did not have a healthy way to work through it. Nowadays i try to really work through the feelings rather than ignoring them.


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I thought I'd share this here cause I really cannot keep it anymore and hope none of my coworkers are here. But I work as a campaigns specialist for a tech company. So what I basically do is automate workflows for our sales pipeline and make sure all projects are up to date. I know it sounds a little techy but it's simply just this.

So anyway, I have a coworker that has been getting on my nerves since I started. We both got accepted into the company at the same time. Every time we work on a project together she thinks I'm competing with her when in reality I am not. Just a quick background about my work etiquette, I'm the type of person who asks a lot of questions, like A LOT cause I want to jump on a project that's clear and would want to avoid don't want hiccups along the way. My boss appreciated that and considered it as one of my strengths cause I really want to make sure everything runs smoothly. My coworker took it the wrong way and thought I was just playing naive at everything and asking questions just for the sake of being "active". It's so annoying.

We've been working for a year now and I think everything that she does or say to me is just getting on my nerves that anytime soon I would just snap at her. I don't know what to do, should I just confront her? Or should I tell my boss? I just want all the negativity to end.