Have you ever cheated?


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The guilt isnt worth it sweety...

It seems exciting, and dangerous, and hot... but the other man wont love you, and be there for you like your husband has.

The actions are not worth the consiquences...

When I was with my first love, I kissed another man, and everyday, even though it was only a kiss, and my man and I were on a break when it happened, and even though I came clean the day after it happened, I felt extreme guilt every single day for the rest of our relationship.

Its too much pain. I will NEVER do it again, no matter how great the temptation. It ripped me apart inside for so so long.


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There is such thing as 'innocent flirting' my hubby and i do it while at work, and it's nothing serious, we know we are gonna stay together and not go out and have sex or anything with anyone else, or anything else that would ruin what we have, since we both cherish it.

flirting with another man/woman in our situation basically boosts ones ego.
We know who we fall asleep next to and wake up the next morning too, which is what matters, we make eachother happy, and bring out the best in eachother, etc, etc, etc...


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I won't tell you not to do it because you'll hurt yourself or your husband, but I will tell you to strongly consider what the fallout would be on your daughter. There are things that I think about doing all the time, not necessarily comparable things to cheating on my husband but other life altering things, and I stop because of my children. I will not do anything to disrupt their happy childhood. Period. Nothing, not one single thing, is worth hurting your daughter, even if you are unhappy in your marriage, KWIM?

Kids deserve the absolute best parent they can possibly have and having an affair isn't the best person you can be. Not that I don't understand completely where you are coming from, but you have to make sacrifices for your daughter.


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I want to give you the perspective of a child whose father cheated on her mother. I really really hated my father when I was little girl for making my mom cry. I wanted nothing else than for them to get divorced and I never thought he was good enough for her. Otherwise, he was a "good" husband- he never hit her, never yelled at her, provided, came home for dinner, etc.

It took me entirely growing up and me being able to tell my dad that I had hated him for me to realize I don't actually hate my dad... I hated his decisions and what it did to my mom, but not my dad. It can be really confusing to a child and they hear and understand more than you think.

Please give it careful consideration.


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Originally Posted by melliquor
This guy does have some balls though... he tried to chat me up when I was with my daughter on Saturday.

Yes he has balls because married women are taboo and thus the ultimate chase for a man who does not respect a married woman's boundaries.

Please please do not throw away a deep and loving marriage for cheap thrills and lustful inclinations. I promise you will regret it for the rest of your life. Please do not take what you have for granted, you will not know how rare and precious it is until it is too late. I have experienced a simliar situation. It was a very powerful lesson for me. By all means do not do it regardless of whether you are in a happy marriage (this is not your case). Go get conselling, have a trial separation, get a divorce, anything BUT have an affair. An affair destroys ALL parties involved and I'm talking everyone, especially innocent children who have no choice or say in this situation. Sorry if I sound harsh or a nag but I feel very deeply about this matter

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