Heatherette and Dress Camp!


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Hi guys!

Went into London today so I got...

- Style Minx
- Starlet Kiss
- Lollipop Lovin'
- Trio 1
(already had Alpha Girl and Sock Hop)

Dress Camp
- All of it!

Pics from the Heatherette event at Selfridges...



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Originally Posted by astronaut
... feel like sharing a swatchy of Too FAb? pretty pretty please?

My camera battery has died, but I'll try and get one up tomorrow.


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*gasp* how did you get your hands on dress camp already?! I am jealous
That collection is up my alley- I just wish it were a bigger collection

Great hauling! Have fun with it all


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Originally Posted by Distinque
I wish dress camp was available here in the U.S.

it'll be available on maccosmetics.com april 17th


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OMG you went!! it looks so nice!!
I've been waiting since forever for Heatherette & I got ill two days before it came out. I'm just recovering now, I bet when I get down to Selfridges all of it will be gone =( I didn't even know we were getting Dress Camp!!lol

Have fun!

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